Dental implant is composed of a titanium screw and a crown placed in the area of missing tooth after a small-diameter hole is drilled down into the jaw to support and hold the artificial tooth.  This requires dentist skills to make sure that any damage in the structure is avoided.  It follows by placing a protective cover on top of the screw to allow the dental implant to anchor and heal.  This is usually called the conventional technique, where the dentist cut the gums and drill a large bone hole, put one part of the implant, stitch and then advise the patient to return after six months to put the head of the implant and then wait for another week to place the porcelain fused with metal.

This procedure traditionally takes more than a month to wait before the dental implant procedure is completed.  But with the aid of new technology and a skillful and trained dentist, dental implants may now be done completely in just an hour!

Not all dental clinics in the country offer this kind of service.  Neither most of them could offer this at an affordable price and with the use of ceramic crowns instead of the usual and common porcelain crowns.

At Dental Implants Manila, the dentist uses ceramic crowns with dental fiber technology in a procedure that takes only 1-hour!

The dentist, Dr. Julius Ferrer, has acquired the proper training and experience in dental technology that he was able to research and combine his experience to make the 1-hour dental implant procedure possible.

The dental implant procedure is taken only within 2 sessions, in just an hour per session.  The 1st meeting is allotted to make a dental impression and to do dental x-ray that just takes an hour of the patient’s time.  The next meeting is for the proper procedure for the dental implant itself that is done within an hour as well.  The procedure for this session includes giving anesthesia to the area, drilling the implant area without excision and therefore not much bleeding.  After the proper depth, the implant is inserted and the crown is placed.

This procedure is done only in 1-hour; so effective that right after the procedure the patient can chew a steak!