Dental Implants Manila:

DIM-Seal_Since-1997_DO-PNGThe 1-hour Tooth Implant Clinic

Tooth implants in just 1 hour, possible only at Dental Implants Manila!

Dental implants, jackets made in ceramics with dental fibers, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening—these are just some of the dental care services being specialized at our clinic.

We are Dental Implants Manila.

Known to be dedicated in bringing back healthy and confident smile to our patients, we have been continually providing cheap, fast and high-quality dental care services since 1997.

For over 21 years now, Dental Implants Manila keeps up with the latest technology used in dentistry to satisfy and meet each patient’s dental needs comfortably with its comprehensive research and development on dental implants, use of ceramics and dental fibers.

Through effective research combined with expertise, experience and trained skills in dentistry, the team at Dental Implants Manila, headed by Dr. Julius Ferrer, has made the “1 hour-tooth implant” loaded with tooth crown ceramic dental service possible.

A rather typical dental clinic when it started back in 1997 at Sta. Ana, Manila, Dental Implants Manila has branched out to two other cozy clinics one located in San Benissa Villas in Commonwealth, Quezon City and another in its clinic-residence in Mandaluyong City providing services to more and more local and international patients.

At Dental Implants Manila, we bring back that confident smile at a caring price!